Adam Le'Gallienne
Adam Le'GallienneDomain Investor

Firstly, WOW!
The Keys to the Highway tools are wildly under priced.
Very generous of you, thank you!

Umer Khayam
Umer KhayamDomain Investor

If you want to invest in brandable domains, Keith is the real insider. By teaching me about styles, trends and keywords he helped me become a better brandable investor.

Bojan Keseljevic
Bojan KeseljevicOwner, Shiny Domains

If I would have to choose one single person that I have learned the most from when it comes to branding and creating brandable domains.... It would be Keith DeBoer!


Just ended a Zoom meeting with Keith and I can say that he's one of a kind to look up to in the industry for any new domainer.

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