Keith DeBoer

It’s All About Me

I am passionate about inspiring and connecting people; providing opportunities for growth in personal happiness, increased professional self-confidence and improving our collective expertise in creating a better world.

Currently I’m employed as an Internet communications consultant but I’ve done plenty of other things too. In my youth I worked as a paperboy, gas station attendant, house painter, roofer and produce department manager. I became a Transcendental Meditation teacher in 1976.

I’ve also spent my fair share of hours in a business suit as Director of Finance, Legal Affairs and Human Resources at Maharishi Ayurveda Products International¬† (now VPK) and Executive Managing Director at the Maharishi Vedic Health Center, in Lancaster Massachusetts.

I’ve founded several small businesses and done a fair bit of writing on natural health practices and brandable domaining.¬† My latest endeavor is my domain investment business, BrandTrapper.

For more information you can visit my page on LinkedIn.

All the best,